"The art of hand sharpening a drill bit"


 Featuring the owner and a master of the trade, John Mitchell


 Make Checks payable to John B. Mitchell


 Order by mail and check or pick up a copy at
Halls hardware in Milton, Fl.  Good slection
of top line drill bits at Halls!





My DVD is the ultimate tool to save you time and money.
















This DVD has special instructions, just for you!

If you work any place that drill bits are used, you can save your company money by sharpening and reusing drill bits

  again and again.




 Make checks Payable to John B. Mitchell


  What you will need !

 -My DVD  ,  A small bench grinder


 -                     A wheel dressing stick


                          safety Glasses

                           A will to learn






Sharpen large drill bits down to the smallest of drill bits.





For only $14.95 you can start today.                                                                      Start today and learn a skill you will use for a long time.

 $2.50  S&H.     
You can also pick up a copy at Halls Hardware in Milton, Fl.

 Make checks payable to John B. Mitchell




 No credit cards please. 

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  MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO;  John B. Mitchell                                                                                           Let me help you  ,you will be glad you did!

  John Mitchell

 5269 Morgan Ridge Drive

 Milton, Fl   32570-8573                                                                                                      

















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"The art of hand sharpening a drill bit"
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